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In the heart of Kentucky, New Leaf Tree Service stands as a dedicated provider of essential arboricultural solutions. Our skillful team provides comprehensive tree service in Louisville, KY, encompassing everything from meticulous tree trimming to safe and efficient tree removal. An integral component of our offerings is tree health care in Louisville, KY, with a deep understanding of local ecosystems and species-specific requirements. We are also proud to host certified specialists known as an arborist in Louisville, KY, who deliver expert advice and tailored tree management strategies. Acknowledging that trees play a vital role not only in the environment but also in enhancing your property’s aesthetic value and safety, we commit to delivering unparalleled quality care. Each task we undertake is executed with precision and the utmost respect for nature’s giants – be they heritage oaks or backyard maples. At New Leaf Tree Service, we combine state-of-the-art equipment with age-old techniques perfected by generations of tree care professionals. Our services extend beyond maintenance; we provide support and education for proper long-term tree care. This ensures that your green investments continue to flourish for years to come while promoting a lush landscape that enhances the beauty of Louisville neighborhoods. New Leaf Tree Service embodies not just expertise and efficiency in its work but also harbors an ethical responsibility towards sustainability and conservation efforts. Homeowners, businesses, and public organizations alike trust us to handle their arboricultural needs with integrity and excellence. As guardians of both your safety and the environment’s welfare, you can rest assured that engaging with our services means investing in a green future for the community we all cherish. Whether it’s regular pruning or emergency tree interventions, New Leaf Tree Service is your reliable partner for all things arboreal.

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Sunday:- Opens 24hrs
Monday:- Opens 24hrs
Tuesday:- Opens 24hrs
Wednesday:- Opens 24hrs
Thursday:- Opens 24hrs
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Address: 4124 Bishop Ln 103 Louisville, Louisville, KY, 40218


Phone: (502) 419-9899

Email: [email protected]

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